Author Bio

Stacyjo Hamlin has written many books in the last ten years, yet most have been kept cozy in the comforts of her computer files until recently. She is well seasoned in many areas of life; however, she is currently experiencing many first. She wanted desperately to avoid the customary third person formatting of this bio but has been working diligently to be a rule follower and finding contentment in what is found to be correct. Her first Christian book was released in March 2018 and was written as part of her obedience to Christ. What is Your Calling? contains several tools to assist her readers in finding their calling from Christ. She shares some life lessons, several scriptures, her personal calling from Christ, and how she got to that point in the first place. God’s specific calling for her is to run a Christian retreat in the mountains of Arizona; a place to unwind, unplug, and lead others to Him. What is Your Calling? is simply a small part of that plan. All proceeds from this book will be used to fund this retreat on God’s mountain, so by purchasing this book, you will be contributing to God’s plan in her life, as well as His plan for many.

When she first heard God speak His calling into her heart, she questioned Him, as many do. She asked God “why am I so special, how am I good enough, I’m a beginner at this, so why would anyone listen to me?” God whispered, “you were broken, you were lost, you are now found, and I have healed your heart. Remember the first disciples?” She has zero experience, no fantastic credentials to prove her worth to the world yet is committed to learning along the way. Her faith and trust in the Lord is guiding every step she takes, and she knows that God’s favor is upon her through this journey.

 …This is her storythis is her song, Praising her Savior all the day long